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As a developer, I want to configure password policies in ezuser Field Definitions




      It should be possible to configure password policies through ezuser fields definitions.

      Constraints list:

      label input type default
      Minimum password length number 8
      Require at least one uppercase letter checkbox checked
      Require at least one lowercase letter checkbox checked
      Require at least one number checkbox checked
      Require at least one nonalphanumeric character checkbox checked

      Validation by regular expression

      As an alternative to the above, a (perl compatible) regular expression can be entered. When it is, the "simple" constraints in the previous chapter are disabled (greyed out), and not applied. The regular expression's validity must be tested when the form is submitted.

      Error text

      Independently of the chosen validation method, an input field sets the validation error message shown when the constraints aren't met.

      Validation scope

      Validation should happen in all contexts where a user password can be set:

      • User register
      • User edit
      • Change password (user profile, up v2.1)
      • REST API
      • Public API

      Backward compatibility

      Existing installations shouldn't have any of those options enabled. It can be detected in the converter / fieldtype, since the configuration for them won't exist in the database.

      New installations should have the defaults indicated above, prestored in the default user_account field definition.


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