When trying to edit and image, with eZ Image Editor, I get the error message that "The image is not loaded because of a server error.". This was tested with, and without, imagemagick.

      I've user firebug to get the ajax error, and the error messages were:

      GET http://<IP>/ezwebin_site_admin/ezie/prepare/60/eng-GB/227/2 500 Internal Server Error 1.5s

      Fatal error: Class 'ezcImageFilter' not found in /var/www/apache2php53/ezp/app/ezpublish_testsystem/.run/extension/ezie/classes/image_tool_resize.php on line 22
      503 Service Unavailable<b>Fatal error</b>: The web server did not finish its request<br/><p>The execution of eZ Publish was abruptly ended, the debug output is present below.</p><div id="debug"><h2>eZ debug</h2><style type='text/css'>

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Log in as admin on plain admin
      2. Click on the "Media" tab
      3. Click on the "Image" folder in the sub-items list
      4. Click on "Create here"
      5. Choose "Image" from the drop down list
      6. Fill in with the following:
      	Name: "TC-138"
      	Caption: leave blank
      	Image: <image for your HD>
      7. Click on "Send for publishing" button
      8. Click on "TC-138" link
      9. Click on "Edit" button
      10. Click on "Edit" button on the Image section
      11. Popup rises with "The image is not loaded because of a server error."


        Vidar Langseid added a comment - Fix:


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