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(tc-77 DB Cluster) Cleaning Sessions is showing warnings




      After running the Remove timed out /old sessions i get the following error:

      Not all timed out sessions were successfully removed.

      Steps to reproduce
      Setup - Generate sessions (option 1 : slowest, via admin)
          Log in as admin in admin
          Click on "Selenium tests" in top menu
          Click "Generate sessions" in left menu
          Click "Generate sessions now" button
          Repeat step #4 until you get a message that number of sessions is above 450 000
      Setup - Generate sessions (option 1 : faster, via db dump)
          On command line, run the following command (substitute "ezp42" with your db settings):
          mysql -u ezp42 -p ezp42 < extension/selenium/data/generic/tc-77_ezp42_450000_in_ezsession.sql
      Clear the sessions
          Log in as admin in admin
          Click "Setup" in top menu
          Click "Sessions" in left menu
          Click "Remove timed out / old sessions" button
          Without waiting for step #4 to complete, Open admin in a new tab in the brower
          Verify that you don't have a deadlock by clicking these links in the admin:
          "Content structure" in top menu
          "Media library" in top menu
          "User accounts" in top menu
          Go back to the browser tab where step #4 is executing
          Wait for browser to reload.
          Verify that you don't get crash because of a timeout error. Instead, verify that eZ Publish represents to you a warning like "Not all timed out sessions where successfully removed"




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