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Landing Page Personalization Block



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      Landing Page Personalization Block


      Consists of UX/UI improvements and a few new blocks (still need to be defined)

      notes from the Workshop:
      Personalized block
      Roland, Rafal, Kamil M., Damian Z., Andrew, Slawek
      Implement eZ Recommendation solution in eZ Studio...

      We have a recommendation bundle that works now with eZ Platform. We would like to integrate it in eZ Studio specific features.
      eZ recommendation / personalization offers many options, for now we’d like to focus on providing a set of eZ Studio blocks that can be used if the customer has installed the eZ Recommendation bundle.


      • “If you read this you might like this”: recommendation based on an existing content in another block “you might like read this too.”
      • “Customers who bought this also bought that”: The block should create a relation with another existing block on the page, and would fetch recommendation that relates to this block. Example: if a simple block or a scheduled highlight a specific Product in a “Main Story” block, we could have another block displays other products that have been bought by people buying the product featured in the Main Story block.
      • History of previous sessions: shows the main content viewed lately by the user. This could be filtered to one or several content type. This would be done in the block settings U.I.. (for instance: latest block read, latest product viewed….)
      • Most purchased items with filters oncontent type / subtree
      • Most viewed items with filters on content type / subtree

      Question: is it in recommendation bundle or landing page field type? Actually probably in a separate bundle. Solution preferred of Kamil & Roland

      Dependancy on https://jira.ez.no/browse/EZS-681 (candidate for 2016.08)

      Related problem: how to demo on Studio Demo without specific setup of YC for each different Studio demo. Still a problem. Now we will: use the recommendation bundle only on the sales demo bulid, using one single YC account.

      Unclear whether if this belongs to Studio or Web team. To be clarified.
      Quick U.I. mockup from PM / Roland, Sylvain or Inaki
      Check if we can connect two studio blocks to identify the content - Q to Piotr
      Beside that, no major blocker, no big project

      There is no major blocker for this story. Demoing on Studio demo is still a related issue though.
      We should first wait for integration of recommendation in the Studio demo.

      A dynamic block (showing 1-x) recommendations as returned by the YOOCHOOSE API. As a configuration the block should have some parameters. Main paramter that should be selected from a drop down box is the name of the scenario that should be used to fill the block with recommendations. Addiational paramter can be configured as "http-Parameters".


      • Heading for the block. is a string that can be configured in the block and will be displayed as a heading for the block.
      • page context, e.g. the id of the currently viewed item
      • category path


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