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  • [EZP-29094] - Cannot create user from Content on the Fly
  • [EZP-29691] - Version conflict does not work as expected for a content item with multiple translations
  • [EZP-29694] - Draft conflict does not work as expected for a content item with multiple translations
  • [EZP-29808] - Newly created content via Multi Upload has wrong language set
  • [EZP-29876] - New break lines disappear in Richtext while styled with custom styles
  • [EZP-29963] - In rich text editor, inline style in table triggers a javascript error
  • [EZP-30022] - UDW widget for selecting user/groups when assigning roles
  • [EZP-30131] - Content publish is not possible when user is only allowed to translate content in given language
  • [EZP-30166] - RichText Link converter emits warning during custom tag conversion
  • [EZP-30198] - Remove sleeps from Content Scheduler Tests
  • [EZP-30281] - Kernel RichText FieldType namespace is not deprecated
  • [EZP-30333] - The host's port is added to image variations URIs when configured through image_host
  • [EZP-30367] - Error: `Location cannot be displayed as it is flagged as invisible.`
  • [EZP-30381] - Insecure password reset hash
  • [EZP-30384] - Failed to create 'var/encore': Permission denied
  • [EZP-30399] - Lang attribute on <html> element is incorrect
  • [EZP-30405] - Cache pool isn't cleared after changing user email via PHP API when cache for email already exists
  • [EZP-30406] - Cannot add custom webpack config from bundle
  • [EZP-30413] - Long name items are displayed without "..." in UDW
  • [EZP-30414] - Relation fields aren't resolved
  • [EZP-30419] - GraphQL schema generation fails if content type is in multiple groups
  • [EZP-30422] - GraphQL breaks if content type group has a dash character (-)
  • [EZP-30425] - Content view is shrunk
  • [EZP-30454] - Broken table in notifications modal when notification list is empty
  • [EZP-30455] - Online editors is broken when you try to edit custom tag without attributes
  • [EZP-30471] - Sending Relation to trash will crash Relating Content view in Back Office
  • [EZP-30475] - Backslash in LDAP username causes invalid cache key
  • [EZP-30479] - Compile assets script is not working on some setups
  • [EZP-30484] - ezmatrix migration script can't error when there's 0 objects of a content type


  • [EZP-30061] - As a Developer I want to create schema for integration tests using Schema Importer
  • [EZP-30098] - [Travis] Implement solution for running tests in threads based on fastest
  • [EZP-30298] - As a Cluster User I want in-memory cache for all content related lookups
  • [EZP-30344] - As an Administrator I want to limit Content management to specific Translations
  • [EZP-30386] - Custom buttons in Online Editor
  • [EZP-30489] - Display console logs in failed Behat tests


  • [EZP-30360] - Add additional route for user register action

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