Release Notes - eZ Publish / Platform - Version 2.5.0-rc2 - HTML format


  • [EZP-28504] - User can not add translation for content item with ezuser
  • [EZP-29291] - [Content Type] redis cache doesn't refresh automatically when creating CT with API in behat tests
  • [EZP-29992] - Exception "Property 'contentType' not found on class 'ContentTranslationData'"
  • [EZP-30107] - Name of Content Item is not updated after changing the main language
  • [EZP-30164] - After removing option from ezselection it it not possible to add more options
  • [EZP-30175] - Error when editing anchor in image
  • [EZP-30179] - Anchor to image not displayed when returning to editor
  • [EZP-30180] - Cannot edit field type ezobjectrelation/ezobjectrelationlist with deleted starting location
  • [EZP-30202] - Error to preview / publish content item with empty Image Asset field
  • [EZP-30287] - Cannot add inline custom tag to table
  • [EZP-30289] - Content Tree does not load when root location has no items
  • [EZP-30291] - Console error when adding link inside inline custom tag
  • [EZP-30292] - Wrong label for displaying Time in User Settings
  • [EZP-30297] - error when I try to add a translation for a user object
  • [EZP-30301] - Matrix field type forms overwrite values because of incorrect index
  • [EZP-30303] - Internal Sever Error when changing Time Zone
  • [EZP-30305] - Behat tests that use api for content type creation are failing
  • [EZP-30306] - Translation for User Setting Language is missing.
  • [EZP-30307] - After removing option from ezauthor it is not possible to add more
  • [EZP-30319] - Default templates for RichText Custom Styles are not used


  • [EZP-29659] - As a v2 Developer I want support for InMemory SPI cache
  • [EZP-30114] - As an editor, I want the online editor toolbar to be sticky to the top of the text area
  • [EZP-30205] - As an editor I would like content tree to hold separate state for different users
  • [EZP-30284] - As a v2 User I want optimized cache adapters for better performance
  • [EZP-30310] - As a Developer, I should be able to configure search limits in UDW
  • [EZP-30318] - As a Developer I want initial ezplatform.yml config to be simpler
  • [EZP-30361] - UI Guidelines - Update examples on Buttons component


  • [EZP-30111] - [REST] Add status to RestContent output

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