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  • [EZP-28663] - Cannot swap location when viewing item from non-main location
  • [EZP-29041] - CI is not refreshed when item from ezobjectrelationlist is removed permanently
  • [EZP-29410] - As an Editor I want to be informed that I can't edit CI because of missing policies.
  • [EZP-29490] - Load more for UDW throws error on console when starting location is modified
  • [EZP-29724] - Standard Design overwrites SiteAccess-aware template settings
  • [EZP-29857] - Unable to upload audio to Media field type
  • [EZP-29888] - Content Meta Preview appears on Bookmarks tab in UDW
  • [EZP-29927] - Content Type translation not used on richtext fields
  • [EZP-29934] - Validation of XML content failed when pasting specific text
  • [EZP-29980] - Content/Read policy for Section:Media is missing for Anonymous user
  • [EZP-29984] - Solr Field LIKE criterion is not behaving like on Legacy Storage Engine
  • [EZP-30007] - Link to another page is not saved in Richtext
  • [EZP-30010] - Changes made to Custom Tag won't be saved after editing
  • [EZP-30032] - Publishing Article containing Custom Tag inside Intro field results in broken Custom Tag and error
  • [EZP-30042] - I can see fine grey lines in Bookmark & Search tables in UDW
  • [EZP-30096] - Solr scoring is not taken into account in the backend search results list order
  • [EZP-30103] - Missing asterisks from obligatory fields in Admin menu
  • [EZP-30113] - Content isn't accessible from the Back Office when version drafts limit is exceeded
  • [EZP-30116] - Unable to use default VCL template on Varnish versions lower than 5.1
  • [EZP-30118] - Fix typo in UnauthorizedException message
  • [EZP-30136] - Updating content with "ezuser" field will not commit changes to Solr
  • [EZP-30138] - Solr scoring is not taken into account in the UDW search results list order
  • [EZP-30146] - Pagination bug page with more than 3500 sub items


  • [EZP-29419] - Investigate ways to reduce the time taken to perform automated tests.
  • [EZP-29466] - As a Developer, I would like to have configuration for absolute/relative URLs for generated images

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