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  • [EZP-29891] - "Add Location" button is greyed out although editor has sufficient rights
  • [EZP-30144] - No translations are generated from custom language packages to javascript
  • [EZP-30204] - Repairing broken URL aliases sometimes uses broken original entry
  • [EZP-30214] - Content Tree does not open in Bookmarks, Trash & Search views
  • [EZP-30223] - Collapse all button is not always displayed in Content Tree
  • [EZP-30225] - [ezmatrix] Matrix row deleting by publishing
  • [EZP-30226] - [ezmatrix] Duplicated column disappears from CT without validation info
  • [EZP-30231] - When resizing Content Tree text is accidentally selected
  • [EZP-30232] - Item highlight is cropped in Content Tree with scroll
  • [EZP-30235] - Editor can't add location if content/create limitations on ContentType of Parent are set
  • [EZP-30238] - [ezmatrix] Empty matrix values during edition
  • [EZP-30239] - Characters counter is activated only after clicking on RTE in edit mode
  • [EZP-30241] - Characters counter does not work when formatted style is used
  • [EZP-30242] - Characters counter does not work properly with embed inline
  • [EZP-30243] - [Content tree] Loading limit reached displayed when collapsed
  • [EZP-30247] - Changing the language in user settings does not change the language of Admin interface
  • [EZP-30250] - Change the date format dropdown option for Long Date & Time format
  • [EZP-30251] - Display the rendering of time & date when editing the Short/Long Date & Time format
  • [EZP-30252] - Entire selected time format not displayed under User Settings > My Preferences tab
  • [EZP-30253] - Reorder the My Preferences options under User settings
  • [EZP-30258] - [Content tree] After reloading tree is partially collapsed
  • [EZP-30260] - [Matrix] 500 when publishing empty, non-required matrix
  • [EZP-30262] - Online documentation link in basic info won't work
  • [EZP-30280] - [Content Tree] Saved tree state does not delete locations deleted on the backend



  • [EZP-29938] - As a Maintainer I want to install eZ Platform OSS on PostgreSQL database
  • [EZP-30072] - As an editor I would like to see the content tree state restored after reloading a page
  • [EZP-30075] - As an editor I would like to be redirected to a location after clicking on it in the content tree
  • [EZP-30099] - Define preferred user date format
  • [EZP-30187] - As an editor I would like content tree to always have expanded current location
  • [EZP-30188] - As an editor I would like content tree to display spinner while loading items
  • [EZP-30193] - As an editor I would like content tree to "Collapse all" button
  • [EZP-30195] - As a developer I would like content tree to use config from the backend
  • [EZP-30210] - Make the GraphQL schema extensible at low level
  • [EZP-30294] - Added Modals component to UI Guidelines
  • [EZP-30295] - Updated Tabs component in UI Guidelines

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