Release Notes - eZ Publish / Platform - Version 2.4.1 - HTML format


  • [EZP-28773] - [v2] Issues with page scrolling during actions in rich text editor
  • [EZP-29779] - [Safari] Nothing responds after using web browser back button
  • [EZP-29783] - ezdatetime displays selected date and time on calendar after clearing the field
  • [EZP-29811] - Content field definitions is misaligned while creating Content Type
  • [EZP-29833] - Limiting "Content\Create" to Section disables "Publish" button.
  • [EZP-29899] - Current Content version loading can end up loading wrong version under concurrency
  • [EZP-29914] - When translating the Content Type disable 'Select item' button for Content Relation (Single and Multi)
  • [EZP-29924] - Can't save ContentType with RelationList which has selectionMethod from legacy
  • [EZP-29959] - Token not found exception in ContentViewBuilder when used to build own exception page
  • [EZP-29967] - Content Type name is not translated in AdminUI tables
  • [EZP-29971] - Error 404 after opening new creation form
  • [EZP-29981] - Exception after sending item from Relation List to Trash
  • [EZP-30001] - Limiting "Content\Create" to Section disables "Create" button in COTF
  • [EZP-30004] - ezplatform:urls:regenerate-aliases changes parent of broken link
  • [EZP-30011] - Harmonize Embed icon in Rich Text Editor with Page Builder Embed block icon
  • [EZP-30012] - Creating a new class in legacy admin interface fails with legacy ezrichtext extension installed
  • [EZP-30021] - Inactive UDW tabs have wrong background colour


  • [EZP-29821] - As a Developer I want less SPI calls to be done by Admin UI
  • [EZP-29969] - As a Editor/Admin/User I'd like to see info about eZ install, incl version number
  • [EZP-29970] - As a Developer I'd like to order components and tabs in Admin UI
  • [EZP-29982] - The IsContainer method does not need arguments after the developer has access to ContentType on Content
  • [EZP-29985] - Update Chrome version used on Travis


  • [EZP-29559] - Delete sleeping requirement for non-empty roles
  • [EZP-29997] - Expose information about removed content items in EmptyTrashSignal and DeleteTrashItemSignal
  • [EZP-30008] - More unique uniqid()

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