Release Notes - eZ Publish / Platform - Version 2.3.3 - HTML format


  • [EZP-28099] - Wrong Urls at equal beginning path prefixes
  • [EZP-28413] - Empty username field after copying a user
  • [EZP-28663] - Cannot swap location when viewing item from non-main location
  • [EZP-28773] - [v2] Issues with page scrolling during actions in rich text editor
  • [EZP-29041] - CI is not refreshed when item from ezobjectrelationlist is removed permanently
  • [EZP-29200] - Admin menu disappear when user is redirected from policy to limitations
  • [EZP-29375] - REST API doesn't support multiple relation types
  • [EZP-29726] - It is not possible to translate login page
  • [EZP-29728] - Longitude validation appears when user try to publish after editing
  • [EZP-29738] - Triple validation message for invalid email address
  • [EZP-29751] - Wrong first URL generation in exotic languages
  • [EZP-29761] - RichText Editor crashes after addin link to the content into unordered list
  • [EZP-29779] - [Safari] Nothing responds after using web browser back button
  • [EZP-29790] - ContentService::loadContentListByContentInfo loads Content fields in random order on PosgreSQL
  • [EZP-29801] - Content View breaks when providing location id as param
  • [EZP-29809] - api_keys.google_maps should not be set as null by default
  • [EZP-29811] - Content field definitions is misaligned while creating Content Type
  • [EZP-29819] - Dynamic settings injected with wrong scope to config provider services
  • [EZP-29833] - Limiting "Content\Create" to Section disables "Publish" button.
  • [EZP-29838] - Cannot use Multi-file upload on Microsoft Edge
  • [EZP-29857] - Unable to upload audio to Media field type
  • [EZP-29871] - Error 500 after creating Content Item based on Content Type with ezuser
  • [EZP-29872] - Unnecessary duplication of the file size in multi-file upload
  • [EZP-29873] - "Cannot set property 'CurrentVersion' of null" notification when user click Bookmarks tab in UDW
  • [EZP-29874] - SQL update step for 2.3 missing for trash table
  • [EZP-29889] - Cannot set property 'disabled' of null error in console in Trash
  • [EZP-29890] - Wrong translation form is opened after using browser back button
  • [EZP-29899] - Current Content version loading can end up loading wrong version under concurrency
  • [EZP-29902] - Admin UI - Locale is not correctly set
  • [EZP-29959] - Token not found exception in ContentViewBuilder when used to build own exception page
  • [EZP-29971] - Error 404 after opening new creation form
  • [EZP-30001] - Limiting "Content\Create" to Section disables "Create" button in COTF
  • [EZP-30004] - ezplatform:urls:regenerate-aliases changes parent of broken link
  • [EZP-30042] - I can see fine grey lines in Bookmark & Search tables in UDW
  • [EZP-30096] - Solr scoring is not taken into account in the backend search results list order
  • [EZP-30118] - Fix typo in UnauthorizedException message
  • [EZP-30138] - Solr scoring is not taken into account in the UDW search results list order


  • [EZP-29559] - Delete sleeping requirement for non-empty roles
  • [EZP-29830] - Disable executables in the var directory
  • [EZP-30008] - More unique uniqid()


  • [EZP-29328] - As a editor I want the richtext format to support the equivalent of ezmltext's <literal> tag
  • [EZP-29419] - Investigate ways to reduce the time taken to perform automated tests.
  • [EZP-29466] - As a Developer, I would like to have configuration for absolute/relative URLs for generated images
  • [EZP-29749] - As an Administrator I want to configure Imagine ProxyResolver
  • [EZP-29823] - Filter location loading on translations to avoid exception later when lazy property is loaded
  • [EZP-29835] - As a developer I want sorted composer packages to reduce conflicts on updates
  • [EZP-29969] - As a Editor/Admin/User I'd like to see info about eZ install, incl version number
  • [EZP-29985] - Update Chrome version used on Travis

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