Release Notes - eZ Publish / Platform - Version 2.4.0 - HTML format


  • [EZP-28413] - Empty username field after copying a user
  • [EZP-29716] - It is not possible to translate Admin UI footer
  • [EZP-29726] - It is not possible to translate login page
  • [EZP-29738] - Triple validation message for invalid email address
  • [EZP-29782] - Highlighted area is too small
  • [EZP-29864] - Spelling mistake in Content Type alert warnings
  • [EZP-29871] - Error 500 after creating Content Item based on Content Type with ezuser
  • [EZP-29875] - Facebook tag set focus issue
  • [EZP-29877] - Custom tags and nested table focus issue
  • [EZP-29890] - Wrong translation form is opened after using browser back button
  • [EZP-29900] - Validation of XML content failed when changing block styles in List block
  • [EZP-29902] - Admin UI - Locale is not correctly set
  • [EZP-29903] - Content Type title is not translated in Content on the Fly header
  • [EZP-29904] - Unable to select Base translation for a Content Item
  • [EZP-29908] - Content is not in initial stage when draft is saved
  • [EZP-29910] - Image link icon disappears when I edit the content item
  • [EZP-29911] - Deleting a translation of a content items redirects to a 404 page
  • [EZP-29913] - Missing disabled look and feel for some of the fields when translating Content Type
  • [EZP-29917] - Impossible to include custom tags, images, embed inside a custom tag (ezcontent)
  • [EZP-29918] - Removing padding on left and right toolbars
  • [EZP-29925] - Content Type Translate in Edit mode is not based on browser's settings
  • [EZP-29933] - Admin UI REST API listener considers 3rd party routes as REST routes
  • [EZP-29937] - Content type names are not translated in the Create tab of UDW
  • [EZP-29952] - Content View mode always uses main language to display Field Def labels
  • [EZP-29965] - Search in UDW does not show translated Content Type name
  • [EZP-29966] - Content Type is not translated in Subitems list view
  • [EZP-29968] - Error 500 for bulk delete/move


  • [EZP-28009] - Extract the RichText FieldType to its own package
  • [EZP-29089] - Usability bug when deleting containers
  • [EZP-29742] - Implement permissions for Content/Create in Content item view
  • [EZP-29748] - Replacing the outdated verbiage of eZ Publish from eZ Platform when adding a Policy
  • [EZP-29749] - As an Administrator I want to configure Imagine ProxyResolver
  • [EZP-29818] - Permission Layer for workflow
  • [EZP-29932] - As a Developer I want list of Languages based on User's browser settings
  • [EZP-29935] - Add Sub items limit value to User Preferences
  • [EZP-29962] - As a Developer I want API to detect if object is user/group
  • [EZP-30150] - UI Guidelines - Update examples on Icons resource


  • [EZP-29813] - Pass custom parameters to menu item templates in right sidebar
  • [EZP-29919] - Add 'approved' and 'rejected' icons
  • [EZP-29921] - Add possibility to use icons with custom path in Sidebar menu


  • [EZP-29936] - Synchronize workflow database schema in installers

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