Release Notes - eZ Publish / Platform - Version 2.4.0-rc1 - HTML format


  • [EZP-29862] - Trash button is disabled after using browser back button
  • [EZP-29863] - Exclamation mark is misaligned for Selection validation
  • [EZP-29872] - Unnecessary duplication of the file size in multi-file upload
  • [EZP-29873] - "Cannot set property 'CurrentVersion' of null" notification when user click Bookmarks tab in UDW
  • [EZP-29882] - Embed content item is not visible in edit mode in Rich Text Editor
  • [EZP-29884] - Embed toolbar is visible after removing embed item.
  • [EZP-29887] - Impossible to override the embed-inline default template
  • [EZP-29889] - Cannot set property 'disabled' of null error in console in Trash
  • [EZP-29897] - Workflow state panel becomes unusable in the Content Edit, when its container is displayed below the fold


  • [EZP-29089] - Usability bug when deleting containers
  • [EZP-29122] - As a developer, I want to configure password policies in ezuser Field Definitions
  • [EZP-29747] - As an editor, I want to see a list of content items impossible to delete
  • [EZP-29757] - As an administrator, I want to be able to translate a content type (AdminUI frontend)
  • [EZP-29764] - As a Developer I want to update single Content Type translation
  • [EZP-29788] - As a developer, I want to delete content type translation
  • [EZP-29789] - As a Developer I want to update Content Type translation (AdminUI backend)
  • [EZP-29823] - Filter location loading on translations to avoid exception later when lazy property is loaded


  • [EZP-29898] - Add workflow icon to Admin Interface

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