Release Notes - eZ Publish / Platform - Version 2.3.2 - HTML format


  • [EZP-29518] - ContentType option "Default field for sorting children" has no effect on new created objects
  • [EZP-29702] - Can't create new draft due to lack of language code in URL
  • [EZP-29730] - Cannot add UDW configuration from YAML file located in other bundle
  • [EZP-29731] - Missing icon in custom tags
  • [EZP-29732] - Inconsistency for policy limitations: Class/Content Type
  • [EZP-29737] - Invalid UDW container height after resizing window
  • [EZP-29746] - Selected item blinking while loading its children in UDW


  • [EZP-29711] - Take better screenshots on Travis
  • [EZP-29712] - Run nightly Behat tests on demo metarepos
  • [EZP-29729] - As an editor, I want to have access to all my drafts
  • [EZP-29740] - [Travis] For existing kernel integration tests add setups for new databases
  • [EZP-29745] - Improve styling in Rich Text Editor
  • [EZP-29769] - Add discovery bar to Drafts interface


  • [EZP-29734] - As an Administrator I want to add Content Type limitation for Section/Assign policy

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