Release Notes - eZ Publish / Platform - Version 2.2.4 - HTML format


  • [EZP-28773] - [v2] Issues with page scrolling during actions in rich text editor
  • [EZP-29375] - REST API doesn't support multiple relation types
  • [EZP-29539] - Deleting object will remove all subtree items even when user does not have permission to delete them
  • [EZP-29610] - "Create new URL alias" modal is rendered when user select URL tab
  • [EZP-29634] - ezxmltext -> richtext conversion : <custom> inside <section>
  • [EZP-29660] - Ezobjectrelationlist ignores allowed content types when creating content via UDW
  • [EZP-29663] - Login page redirects to notifications/count
  • [EZP-29674] - Translation extractor displays error when processing Tag/Style mappers
  • [EZP-29682] - Cannot set default Location for objectrelationlist
  • [EZP-29687] - eZ(date)Picker field clear button (X) does not clear date in flatpickr instance
  • [EZP-29688] - eZ Map Location fieldtype validation error message is not displaying correctly
  • [EZP-29695] - Option "Default content availability" on content types not working
  • [EZP-29697] - ezxmltext -> richtext conversion : Give user a report of custom tag usage
  • [EZP-29702] - Can't create new draft due to lack of language code in URL
  • [EZP-29709] - RequestLocaleListener tries to match SiteAccess on /_fos_user_context_hash
  • [EZP-29790] - ContentService::loadContentListByContentInfo loads Content fields in random order on PosgreSQL
  • [EZP-29801] - Content View breaks when providing location id as param
  • [EZP-29809] - api_keys.google_maps should not be set as null by default
  • [EZP-30096] - Solr scoring is not taken into account in the backend search results list order
  • [EZP-30138] - Solr scoring is not taken into account in the UDW search results list order


  • [EZP-29830] - Disable executables in the var directory


  • [EZP-29823] - Filter location loading on translations to avoid exception later when lazy property is loaded
  • [EZP-29835] - As a developer I want sorted composer packages to reduce conflicts on updates
  • [EZP-29969] - As a Editor/Admin/User I'd like to see info about eZ install, incl version number

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