Release Notes - eZ Publish / Platform - Version 1.13.5 - HTML format


  • [EZP-24046] - Username/login is case sensitive
  • [EZP-26429] - Search index on database dumps needs to be updated
  • [EZP-28099] - Wrong Urls at equal beginning path prefixes
  • [EZP-28135] - eZ\Publish\Core\SignalSlot\Slot and Signal should not be marked internal
  • [EZP-28663] - Cannot swap location when viewing item from non-main location
  • [EZP-28745] - Page scrolls up in content search menu
  • [EZP-29286] - As a Platform UI User, I would like my session to be extended while I still use Platform UI
  • [EZP-29375] - REST API doesn't support multiple relation types
  • [EZP-29474] - Error 500 for editor with section/view policy
  • [EZP-29489] - Error 500 when accessing content which has relation to content in trash
  • [EZP-29531] - Do not render layout when rendering selection and relation items
  • [EZP-29534] - ezxmltext -> richtext conversion : Possibility to fix problems in legacy db before conversion
  • [EZP-29539] - Deleting object will remove all subtree items even when user does not have permission to delete them
  • [EZP-29634] - ezxmltext -> richtext conversion : <custom> inside <section>
  • [EZP-29695] - Option "Default content availability" on content types not working
  • [EZP-29697] - ezxmltext -> richtext conversion : Give user a report of custom tag usage
  • [EZP-29751] - Wrong first URL generation in exotic languages
  • [EZP-29790] - ContentService::loadContentListByContentInfo loads Content fields in random order on PosgreSQL
  • [EZP-29809] - api_keys.google_maps should not be set as null by default
  • [EZP-29891] - "Add Location" button is greyed out although editor has sufficient rights
  • [EZP-29899] - Current Content version loading can end up loading wrong version under concurrency
  • [EZP-29924] - Can't save ContentType with RelationList which has selectionMethod from legacy
  • [EZP-29959] - Token not found exception in ContentViewBuilder when used to build own exception page
  • [EZP-29984] - Solr Field LIKE criterion is not behaving like on Legacy Storage Engine
  • [EZP-30004] - ezplatform:urls:regenerate-aliases changes parent of broken link
  • [EZP-30027] - LogicalAnd & LogicalOr not working when using two times the same criterion type
  • [EZP-30118] - Fix typo in UnauthorizedException message
  • [EZP-30147] - Moving a subtree with invisible (hidden by parent) items fails
  • [EZP-30204] - Repairing broken URL aliases sometimes uses broken original entry
  • [EZP-30511] - HttpCache purging failing if repository has been configured as "default"


  • [EZP-29139] - RegenerateUrlAliasesCommand should keep historized Url Aliases
  • [EZP-29466] - As a Developer, I would like to have configuration for absolute/relative URLs for generated images
  • [EZP-29749] - As an Administrator I want to configure Imagine ProxyResolver
  • [EZP-29835] - As a developer I want sorted composer packages to reduce conflicts on updates
  • [EZP-30976] - Cookbook section cleanup


  • [EZP-29559] - Delete sleeping requirement for non-empty roles
  • [EZP-29830] - Disable executables in the var directory
  • [EZP-30008] - More unique uniqid()


  • [EZP-29501] - Expose refreshSession method in JS REST Client
  • [EZP-30431] - Execute sanity tests

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