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  • [EZP-29083] - Error after trying to delete role assignment
  • [EZP-29318] - Author FieldType isn't prefilled with logged user data
  • [EZP-29342] - Deleting related object for ezobjectrelations field throws error 500
  • [EZP-29401] - Incorrect selection color while creating content in the Universal Discovery
  • [EZP-29430] - Missing pagination in Notification pop-up
  • [EZP-29446] - Broken pagination in Bookmarks list when is more than 25 elements
  • [EZP-29447] - Number of pending notifications is gather without taking into current user
  • [EZP-29449] - Cannot read property 'innerHTML' of null on upload in ezimage, ezmedia & ezbinaryfile
  • [EZP-29450] - [Behat] DateAndTimePopup problem with time interval with certain dates
  • [EZP-29452] - Rendering unused panels in Universal Discovery
  • [EZP-29495] - Object Relations table header action buttons in edit view not properly styled
  • [EZP-29496] - ez_author action buttons in edit view are out of alignment
  • [EZP-29499] - No content message in Scheduled tables in Dashboard not harmonized in style
  • [EZP-29546] - Icons in Editing view for Object State and Role limitation are not correct
  • [EZP-29572] - Harmonize modal footer buttons in Content section
  • [EZP-29651] - Review ez-main-sub-nav styling


  • [EZP-29426] - As a frontend developer I would like to convert size in pixels to rems with a function
  • [EZP-29427] - As Developer I want a way to clear cache for a specific content version
  • [EZP-29618] - Update user menu order and add icons


  • [EZP-29143] - As a QA I want to run test features on P, EE and Demo versions without changing feature files
  • [EZP-29187] - As an Editor, I want to see a relevant UDW title for MULTI-SELECTION
  • [EZP-29275] - As a QA I want to cover scenarios of testing fields editing in content management
  • [EZP-29276] - As a QA I want to cover scenarios of testing media, binary and image fields in content management
  • [EZP-29468] - Improve styling of bookmarks manager's delete button
  • [EZP-29469] - Improve styling of Priority buttons in Sub-Items table
  • [EZP-29471] - Improve styling of tabs in UDW
  • [EZP-29472] - Adjust margins for Approval table in Edit view
  • [EZP-29481] - Improve styling of UDW Search & Bookmarks content panels
  • [EZP-29483] - Improve styling of Multi-Selection button in UDW
  • [EZP-29491] - Harmonized item status color in COTF
  • [EZP-29547] - UI Guidelines - As a developer I would like more examples on buttons component
  • [EZP-29548] - UI Guidelines - As a developer I would like more examples on icons resource
  • [EZP-29562] - Harmonize background color contrast of multiple input fields when grouped
  • [EZP-29596] - Update Icons list in UI Guidelines documentation
  • [EZP-29597] - Add component Tabs to UI Guidelines Documentation
  • [EZP-29607] - Add component Tables to UI Guidelines documentation

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