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  • [EZP-26853] - Feedback on Doc : Bike Tutorial
  • [EZP-27083] - Errors in "Extending PlatformUI with new navigation" tutorial
  • [EZP-27292] - Tags in the Github repo corresponding to the Fieldtype Tutorial Steps
  • [EZP-27462] - Unable to access Platform UI with app.php in the URL
  • [EZP-27678] - Replace old FOS related anonymous user hash with the one based on ez anonymous user in docs, vcls and example
  • [EZP-28086] - Update documentation on viewLocation/viewContent
  • [EZP-28313] - Content Rendering page in the documentation is outdated
  • [EZP-28598] - No filtering language on create content UI
  • [EZP-28809] - Different search results for UDW and Content/Seach
  • [EZP-28816] - console cache:clear doesn't remove cache from Redis
  • [EZP-28948] - Filtered search does not perform partial search
  • [EZP-28983] - System URL not generated when a content item translation is added
  • [EZP-28994] - Rich text (+) button moves up
  • [EZP-29014] - Sorting for URL aliases
  • [EZP-29050] - Action bar moves at the bottom of the page on some screen resolutions
  • [EZP-29075] - Misleading message displayed for Content Relation field in content item edit mode
  • [EZP-29082] - It's impossible to unchecked an item in Roles/Policies/Subtree or Node
  • [EZP-29090] - Smart HTTP cache clear section is out of date
  • [EZP-29118] - Placeholder - DO NOT modify
  • [EZP-29247] - Error 500 after trying to enter dashboard with "My drafts" without Content/VersionRead policy
  • [EZP-29454] - Fixed url for icons in guidelines
  • [EZP-29594] - ezxmltext -> richtext conversion : <custom> inside <header>
  • [EZP-30038] - Lots of "Not found" messages after selecting item with translated content type in UDW
  • [EZP-30076] - Unclear label in Single Content Relation field type
  • [EZP-30497] - Empty rows disappear after publishing
  • [EZP-31228] - AllureFormatter emits warning during output directory creation
  • [EZP-31232] - Allure-behat bundle has invalid license entry


  • [EZP-25780] - [Behat] Some tests cause a 'rmdir() directory not empty' warning
  • [EZP-28224] - Setup and fix behat tests on repository-forms:2.0
  • [EZP-28691] - Rewrite Extending PlatformUI tutorial for v2
  • [EZP-28818] - Prepare environment for cluster tests
  • [EZP-28896] - Extend the Extending Admin UI tutorial for v2
  • [EZP-29107] - Use Varnish Docker setup on Travis
  • [EZP-29455] - Prepare full regression setup with default configuration
  • [EZP-29458] - Run AdminUI tests on AdminUIModules PRs
  • [EZP-29570] - Take screenshots on Travis after Behat test failure
  • [EZP-30097] - [Travis] Reduce the number of jobs running after merging
  • [EZP-31189] - Reduce memory required for 1.7 and 1.13 branches to install
  • [EZP-31553] - Perform tests with Node 12 to see if we can upgrade


  • [EZP-27371] - Update Extending PlatformUI tutorial repo


  • [EZP-24330] - Implement Elasticsearch search engine prototype using multicore capability to index Content per language
  • [EZP-24858] - Clarify that Repository::hasAccess and Repository::canUser should not be used directly
  • [EZP-27293] - Add content and edit views
  • [EZP-27294] - Add the possibility to validate user that created the input Tweet
  • [EZP-27826] - Warning on unmaintained/future versions
  • [EZP-27871] - Add a method to remove a translation from a Content in the JS REST Client
  • [EZP-28036] - Differing themes for ezservices and userguide doc
  • [EZP-28126] - Change default Varnish VCL to not cache user varying content in proxies or browsers
  • [EZP-28166] - reader's version and release notes
  • [EZP-28400] - Document using Null Field Type with NullConverter
  • [EZP-28771] - "Expand" box for doc site
  • [EZP-29145] - Bike Ride Tutorial - Change all indents in template files to 4 spaces
  • [EZP-29149] - Bike Ride Tutorial - Reafactoring PHP code to match Symfony Coding Standards
  • [EZP-29810] - DOC: Upgrade DB requirements for utf8mb4
  • [EZP-30496] - Enable source maps in the dev environment of eZ Platform

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