Release Notes - eZ Publish / Platform - Version 1.7.8 - HTML format


  • [EZP-25487] - imageAlias.width and imageAlias.height fields not filled in
  • [EZP-25562] - Error "Impossible to access an attribute ("width") on a null variable" when something goes wrong in ImageExtension::getImageVariation
  • [EZP-27271] - Unable to upload large binary file using REST / Platform UI
  • [EZP-27948] - When swapping Locations with the same name and parent, URL aliases are not swapped as well
  • [EZP-28070] - Binary File Upload copying uploaded files to /tmp without cleanup
  • [EZP-28258] - Can't publish/save content with missing Selection option
  • [EZP-28554] - Error 400 after filling Text field in URL field type
  • [EZP-28728] - Default TTL in default scope would be set to 60 from siteaccess scope
  • [EZP-28781] - Content still visible in ezobjectrelationlist after sending it to trash
  • [EZP-28836] - Unable to publish content if two or more translations contain invalid link
  • [EZP-28860] - Fix using view builders with closure controllers
  • [EZP-28886] - Method eZ\Publish\Core\FieldType\Page\Value::__toString() does not always return String
  • [EZP-28934] - LocationService doesn't check content/manage_locations policy during location create
  • [EZP-28953] - RichText editor's toolbox obscures the preceding paragraph's content
  • [EZP-29034] - Cannot install ezplatform on 1.7 branch
  • [EZP-29077] - CachedPermissionService doesn't consider sudo
  • [EZP-29087] - Sending to trash should rely on content/remove policy
  • [EZP-29116] - Conversions from ezxmltext to ezrichtext fails if ezmltext have duplicate xhtml ids
  • [EZP-29206] - MySQL deadlock errors happen when concurrently moving subtree
  • [EZP-29239] - Elements in the RelationList should be displayed in the correct order
  • [EZP-29256] - User hash lookup request still returns 404 when using Map/URI siteaccess matcher
  • [EZP-29326] - OwnerLimitationType and ContentCreateStruct are incompatible
  • [EZP-29385] - Richtext : blockquote does not allow multiple titles on the same level
  • [EZP-29387] - Variation cache should be SiteAccess and domain aware
  • [EZP-29391] - Richtext : superscript/subscript does not support <emphasis> and <link> tag
  • [EZP-29396] - Cache size blows up in when using Redis with Stash (5.x & 1.x)


  • [EZP-28942] - As a REST consumer, I want to sort a view using a Field
  • [EZP-29511] - Release 1.7.8 certification


  • [EZP-25657] - Authentication tokens needed for composer create-project process
  • [EZP-28853] - VersionInfo object is not cached in persistence
  • [EZP-28903] - Document that Redis cache needs to be cleared separately

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