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  • [EZP-28188] - It is possible to open creating form with "Enter" when refined to not existing position
  • [EZP-28888] - Custom cache_service_name can not be set from siteaccess group
  • [EZP-29080] - Select data range - date selectors are too close in Safari, Edge and FF
  • [EZP-29282] - Missing translation for content.in_trash
  • [EZP-29423] - Database error while executing dump of the JavaScript Translations
  • [EZP-29498] - showDangerNotification duplicates the functionality of showErrorNotification
  • [EZP-29510] - UI admin edit content does not allow to cancel if user has version remove permissions
  • [EZP-29531] - Do not render layout when rendering selection and relation items
  • [EZP-29576] - Location Swap and Sort Order panels are using one cell <table> elements
  • [EZP-29593] - Random time-related test corruption for internalPublishVersion
  • [EZP-29602] - Large images do not fit in the editor window
  • [EZP-29610] - "Create new URL alias" modal is rendered when user select URL tab
  • [EZP-29615] - User is unable to redo the same step after using web browser back button
  • [EZP-29639] - Labels for checkboxes and radioboxes are misaligned with inputs
  • [EZP-29643] - Description fields in new folder creator are no editable on Edge
  • [EZP-29644] - Sub-items table is not visible on Edge
  • [EZP-29646] - Cannot create folder with filled only mandatory filed on Edge
  • [EZP-29647] - Cannot create content by Create button in dashboard on Edge
  • [EZP-29648] - Minified React error during Move, Copy, Copy Subtree and Browse on Edge
  • [EZP-29649] - [Content Type Fields] Date and time hidden fields not hidden enough
  • [EZP-29650] - [Content Type Fields] Selection field UI issues
  • [EZP-29652] - ezbinaryfile admin multilingual download
  • [EZP-29653] - Image asset is not properly styled on Safari
  • [EZP-29656] - Harmonize labels in Editing view Content section
  • [EZP-29662] - Send to Trash modal in Admin Content type Editing view includes card component
  • [EZP-29663] - Login page redirects to notifications/count
  • [EZP-29668] - Admin filtering looks wrong
  • [EZP-29674] - Translation extractor displays error when processing Tag/Style mappers
  • [EZP-29676] - Arrow pointing into Filters is too thin in Edge
  • [EZP-29677] - Content type selector doesn't appear on Search on Safari
  • [EZP-29679] - Validation error messages not visible when trying to publish content
  • [EZP-29681] - Clicking "Confirmed items" closes UDW
  • [EZP-29682] - Cannot set default Location for objectrelationlist
  • [EZP-29683] - Status in link manager is misaligned
  • [EZP-29684] - Remove the hyphen from the "E-mail" in whole application
  • [EZP-29687] - eZ(date)Picker field clear button (X) does not clear date in flatpickr instance
  • [EZP-29688] - eZ Map Location fieldtype validation error message is not displaying correctly
  • [EZP-29695] - Option "Default content availability" on content types not working
  • [EZP-29698] - Missing short date format


  • [EZP-29088] - As a user I want the validation error messages to indicate me which are the required fields


  • [EZP-29139] - RegenerateUrlAliasesCommand should keep historized Url Aliases
  • [EZP-29188] - As an Editor, I want to select content item(s) using the 'Plus' icon in the UDW (Browse tab)
  • [EZP-29508] - As an editor I want to manage ALT field with an image asset field type
  • [EZP-29541] - As a developer, I want a API to manage user preference
  • [EZP-29556] - As a user I want to define my timezone in the admin interface
  • [EZP-29557] - Update all displayed dates using the timezone defined in user preferences
  • [EZP-29579] - As an Editor, I want to see dates in preferred timezone
  • [EZP-29599] - Improve spacing among filed types in Edit view
  • [EZP-29603] - Improve styling of Search view and Search filters
  • [EZP-29664] - As a Developer I want RichText Custom Styles to be stored as eztemplate


  • [EZP-29620] - Date is not changed on Notifications pop-up
  • [EZP-29621] - Date is not changed on Sub-items list
  • [EZP-29622] - Date is not changed on UDW
  • [EZP-29623] - System Information / Composer isn't covered on timezone change
  • [EZP-29624] - Value in ezdatetime & eztime field is not changed
  • [EZP-29625] - On Dashboard in My Scheduled and All Scheduled dates are not changed
  • [EZP-29721] - Broken URL alias history is not restored after regenerating aliases

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