Release Notes - eZ Publish / Platform - Version 1.12.1 - HTML format


  • [EZP-25636] - User can't access trash if 1+ items are not readable
  • [EZP-27996] - "Remember me" doesn't retrieve the current user from Repository
  • [EZP-28043] - As a Developer I want a HttpCache system by default that is cable of reliably clear affected caches on changes
  • [EZP-28048] - Moving to trash shouldn't give error if you can't read items in trash
  • [EZP-28078] - Embedding a Content Object in the RichText Editor makes page scroll up
  • [EZP-28123] - Embedded content throws exception after it is moved to trash
  • [EZP-28146] - Unable to replace an image - UDW does not allow me to confirm an image selection
  • [EZP-28160] - Missing HTTP Cache purge after copying subtree
  • [EZP-28182] - Cannot replace emedded content in AlloyEditor
  • [EZP-28183] - HttpCache completely broken with Varnish on 1.12
  • [EZP-28185] - Database update SQL missing from Kernel 6.12
  • [EZP-28203] - Image alias metadata not removing on clearing liip_imagine filters
  • [EZP-28243] - Purge type using service id does not work
  • [EZP-28306] - Symfony 2.8.31 breaks login to PlatformUI over https


  • [EZP-28143] - getPermissionCriterion() should be cached per user
  • [EZP-28164] - Avoid images in OE to be previewed larger then the size of the area and breaking right menu
  • [EZP-28176] - Improve index command with support for parallel & selective indexing
  • [EZP-28177] - Improve Search Service to be tolerant of index inconsistencies & trigger background re-indexed


  • [EZP-28158] - Test for EZP-28147 Updated user cannot log in
  • [EZP-28326] - Http Cache not updated when moving content on Varnish & Symfony Proxy

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