Release Notes - eZ Publish / Platform - Version 1.12.0 - HTML format


  • [EZP-25922] - kernel error 3 (not available) 404 errors are being cached
  • [EZP-27562] - Links in the RichText containing certain characters throw a validation error
  • [EZP-27650] - + button is not visible in RichText
  • [EZP-27685] - broken sorting of tabs when using addTabView-method
  • [EZP-27762] - content/edit routing conflict with legacy
  • [EZP-27791] - User hash lookup request returns 404 when using Map/URI siteaccess matcher
  • [EZP-27800] - Regression in ezpagestorage at EZP-2688
  • [EZP-27833] - Missing '%id' parameter value in notification text after hidding location
  • [EZP-27849] - Missing '%contentName%' parameter value in notification text after sending folder to trash without permissions
  • [EZP-27873] - Missing translation for role.policy.all_modules/role.policy.all_modules_all_functions in new policy form
  • [EZP-27876] - TextLine Content Field Type Length Validation checks the number of bytes rather than the number of characters
  • [EZP-27881] - Links to documentation in clean installation data should point to instead of
  • [EZP-27916] - [Integration tests] Make SetupFactory autoloaded in root packages
  • [EZP-27949] - [PAPI] ContentService::removeTranslation does not cleanup Field Type External Storage
  • [EZP-28006] - More user friendly date format in draft conflict pop-up
  • [EZP-28008] - Make sure to clear remote id cache for ContentInfo on meta data updates
  • [EZP-28040] - [PAPI] UrlAliasService does not remove languages during publishing
  • [EZP-28045] - Cannot modify content after removing relation field from ContentType
  • [EZP-28046] - Renaming parent leads to redirect loop when accessing child location's old URL
  • [EZP-28118] - Error in RelationConverter on content after editing relation field definition in legacy
  • [EZP-28130] - Console error when moving empty richText field
  • [EZP-28145] - ezplatform-http-cache should disable core http cache cache clearer
  • [EZP-28147] - Updated user cannot log in


  • [EZP-25684] - Improved Version Management of Multilingual Content


  • [EZP-24744] - Increase password security
  • [EZP-26806] - Improve full text search
  • [EZP-27842] - Allow to remove the translation of the Content Object when this translation is the only one the Content Object Version has
  • [EZP-27885] - Solr core name should be configurable via parameters
  • [EZP-28148] - Object States Limitations perform a lot of lookups


  • [EZP-27508] - As a Developer I want an API that removes a translation from a version
  • [EZP-27864] - As a REST Consumer I want to remove translation from a single Version
  • [EZP-27924] - As a Developer I want lazy loading of content type groups
  • [EZP-28030] - Add more builtin Alloy buttons to OE for richer text formating needs
  • [EZP-28044] - As an Developer I want support for striked text in RichText
  • [EZP-28053] - As a developer I want search engine capability interface on 1.7+ for search engine compatibility
  • [EZP-28083] - As a Developer I would need to detect capabilities of configured search engine

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