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  • [EZP-25916] - Clustering cache (eZDFS) can lead to database deadlocks (MySQL)
  • [EZP-26013] - Internal cache must be updated after restoration of trashed node
  • [EZP-27091] - eZ Demo: error when clicking on poll results
  • [EZP-27097] - Can't copy objects to an authorized location limited by policies
  • [EZP-27171] - Custom tag attribute values are double-encoded
  • [EZP-27257] - Changes to icon.ini size array could result in 'undefined index' error
  • [EZP-27460] - Solr index not updated when moving content with children
  • [EZP-27474] - Unable to add the same URL alias for other languages
  • [EZP-27493] - Typo in ezobjectrelationlisttype.php ($relList)
  • [EZP-27528] - Multiple StateGroup limitations in one policy combine with the "or" relationship instead of the "and" one
  • [EZP-27593] - Wrong POSIX locale code ru_RI
  • [EZP-27714] - Wrong variable name in eZTemplateMultiPassParser class
  • [EZP-27735] - Solr index not updated immediately after change content priority
  • [EZP-27737] - EZP-27427 breaks role loading
  • [EZP-27791] - User hash lookup request returns 404 when using Map/URI siteaccess matcher
  • [EZP-27795] - Notice thrown when declaring empty HTTP headers in Legacy
  • [EZP-27996] - "Remember me" doesn't retrieve the current user from Repository
  • [EZP-28122] - Embedded content is still displayed after it is moved to trash


  • [EZP-27427] - Improving performance of User Cache Generation
  • [EZP-27738] - name of field is not return in the "facet_fields" attribute of the ez find result info
  • [EZP-27773] - Database error while working with url aliases
  • [EZP-27814] - Add support for MySQL error codes in DB exceptions

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