Release Notes - eZ Publish / Platform - Version 5.3.12 - HTML format


  • [EZP-26748] - Wrong image URI when content name has extended UTF characters
  • [EZP-26791] - Default value "Current datetime" for ezdatetime is wrongly cached
  • [EZP-26915] - ezmultiupload cancel button is not visible
  • [EZP-26962] - Error generated in log when viewing an XmlText field containing an embed with an external link
  • [EZP-26967] - Missing use statement in PageService.php
  • [EZP-26995] - eZ Multi-upload is broken over HTTPS
  • [EZP-27090] - eZ Multiupload "Select Files" button wrongly rendered in non-English installations in FF
  • [EZP-27091] - eZ Demo: error when clicking on poll results
  • [EZP-27360] - The remove template operator won't work with UTF8 characters


  • [EZP-26182] - eZ Flow: support class limitation in block custom attributes
  • [EZP-26870] - Upgrade ezmultiupload to YUI 3

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