Release Notes - eZ Publish / Platform - Version 1.6.0 - HTML format


  • [EZP-25038] - Error using REST if session is started before
  • [EZP-25533] - Hardcoded anonymous_hash in FosHttpCache mismatches what is generated by Platform
  • [EZP-25918] - Updating a media file only update the name, not the video
  • [EZP-26016] - JavaScript error when removing an embed if it's the last element in the editor
  • [EZP-26036] - Double content type icon in the grid view
  • [EZP-26083] - PlatformUIBundle ExceptionController problem
  • [EZP-26117] - Required richtext not validated as filled with single embed
  • [EZP-26130] - Search for content in many location hangs UI
  • [EZP-26135] - Line breaks added in richtext editor when editing content twice
  • [EZP-26141] - Search API appears to conduct some form of 'OR' search not an 'AND' search
  • [EZP-26179] - UI Stability issues due to session loss
  • [EZP-26193] - Uploaded invalid images not immediately rejected by admin
  • [EZP-26236] - Events are lost if container is created in initializer
  • [EZP-26243] - Default embed templates in rich text field type render the whole page
  • [EZP-26246] - Wrong visibility status after refresh
  • [EZP-26281] - Missing language in PreviewController
  • [EZP-26293] - Typos in Platform UI
  • [EZP-26327] - URL alias is not historized correctly in all cases
  • [EZP-26342] - Nonexistent object in ezobjectrelationlist results in error 500
  • [EZP-26344] - Publishing URL alias does not always respect reserved names
  • [EZP-26355] - Cannot paste an URL in a RichText field
  • [EZP-26356] - REST runtime exception on Parser exception
  • [EZP-26357] - Relation fields displays objects from other translations
  • [EZP-26384] - Fail to save a Content item with a RichText field containing an anchor
  • [EZP-26397] - Exception thrown when attempting to delete user content type field
  • [EZP-26412] - Query error when publishing content on clean eZ Platform install
  • [EZP-26433] - Impossible to select a Content in the UDW search method if the UDW is configured to allow a multiple selection
  • [EZP-26484] - DocumentId/LocationId in index causes bad deletion behaviour
  • [EZP-26492] - Impossible to edit a Content with a RichText field in Edge


  • [EZP-26004] - Integrate the search in PlatformUI
  • [EZP-26057] - Permissions API
  • [EZP-26191] - Draft conflict screen on dashboard
  • [EZP-26240] - Update the editing UI with server side validation
  • [EZP-26270] - Change REST functional tests to use session based authentication
  • [EZP-26311] - Remove search prototype from demos
  • [EZP-26329] - Refactor session handling
  • [EZP-26453] - Document currently supported Search Facets


  • [EZP-23000] - Object relation(s) field value should provides REST id(s)

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