Release Notes - eZ Publish / Platform - Version 5.4.8 - HTML format


  • [EZP-19376] - CSS packer and font-face conflict
  • [EZP-25533] - Hardcoded anonymous_hash in FosHttpCache mismatches what is generated by Platform
  • [EZP-25913] - urlAliasGenerator::generate issues in console command / cli
  • [EZP-25960] - Double layout using legacy /layout/set module and LegacyKernelController
  • [EZP-26058] - old content with non-break spaces shown as  
  • [EZP-26072] - Errors encountered while editing two different contents simultaneously
  • [EZP-26096] - Custom tags' text line parameters not saved correctly
  • [EZP-26108] - Typing right after adding a block custom tag breaks the content
  • [EZP-26113] - When publishing a content, ezflow causes the session id to be regenerated
  • [EZP-26119] - Backport EZP-24538 to eZP 5.4
  • [EZP-26123] - Facet mapping uses hardcoded Solr field
  • [EZP-26149] - Slashes in view parameters cause php notice
  • [EZP-26170] - Input parsing causes DOMException: Invalid Character Error
  • [EZP-26178] - Unlock cronjob doesn't handle well locked/unlocked from other state groups
  • [EZP-26186] - Discarding content draft, and deleting Users does not correctly update Solr index
  • [EZP-26224] - updatenbxmlcontents.php breaks with \xc2\x92

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