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  • [EZP-25000] - Embed element in RichText hidden when viewing and editing content
  • [EZP-25088] - Content items not indexed by legacySearchEngine
  • [EZP-25293] - Content creation is always initiated in eng-GB
  • [EZP-25376] - Field Group (Category) choice list is empty in Content Type editing UI
  • [EZP-25403] - Publishing not working on several http server/proxy/scanner solutions


  • [EZP-24851] - Update the Editing UI based on the server side validation


  • [EZP-25122] - Improve language admin UI with dropdown and permission checks
  • [EZP-25206] - Display basic trash in PlatformUI
  • [EZP-25248] - As an editor, I want to be able to empty the trash
  • [EZP-25249] - Restore items from trash


  • [EZP-24648] - Selection & relation(list) fieldtypes not nameable

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