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  • [EZP-25043] - USE_DEBUGGING might be commented by default in vhosts
  • [EZP-25208] - Error when uploading an SVG to an image field
  • [EZP-25335] - ContainerAware deprecated since version 2.8
  • [EZP-25376] - Field Group (Category) choice list is empty in Content Type editing UI
  • [EZP-25404] - Broken content tree when displaying the Trash
  • [EZP-25415] - PlatformUI RichText editing bar missing remove tittle/tooltip
  • [EZP-25425] - Removing all contents on Home keeps sub-item loading process on hold
  • [EZP-25426] - Mashing Publish creates more than one content
  • [EZP-25459] - Date field edit view considers 0 as empty
  • [EZP-25460] - Cannot preview a draft version
  • [EZP-25475] - ezpublish/console debug:event-dispatcher throws a FatalErrorException
  • [EZP-25493] - REST API XSD files do not validate
  • [EZP-25515] - REST route loadRoleDraftByRoleId fails
  • [EZP-25530] - Firefox flushing value of an existing Date&Time field
  • [EZP-25539] - Fix href parsing in REST limitation value
  • [EZP-25546] - Pointer events block scrolling after loading is finished in Google Chrome
  • [EZP-25578] - Undefined offset when trying to update ContentType
  • [EZP-25580] - eZSupportTools PHP collector service naming fix
  • [EZP-25595] - Filesystem group permissions on storage files
  • [EZP-25597] - Deleting the content root bricks the repository
  • [EZP-25623] - Wrong content object URL path after content update
  • [EZP-25638] - Editing content types when default siteaccess only uses nor-NO as language
  • [EZP-25642] - Change "Send to Trash Button" to "Delete" button in Users section.
  • [EZP-25648] - Not possible to update a location with the same remoteId
  • [EZP-25666] - Can't edit some fields after switching language
  • [EZP-25677] - Impossible to create a content type with a DateTime
  • [EZP-25685] - "Multiple choice" status on selection fieldtype is not saved when saving the respective content type
  • [EZP-25689] - "Minimum length" is not being saved when the respective content type is saved
  • [EZP-25691] - In Textline fieldtype, is being permitted the "Minimum length" to be bigger than the "Maximum length"
  • [EZP-25695] - In Admin, in some edit fields, the top of some letters cannot be fully seen
  • [EZP-25716] - Content tree not automaticaly updated after restoring from the trash
  • [EZP-25720] - SensioDistributionBundle install assests interface changed


  • [EZP-25249] - Restore items from trash
  • [EZP-25490] - Reimplement SystemInfo in ez-support-tools
  • [EZP-25528] - eZSupportTools Command for dumping sysinfo
  • [EZP-25563] - New ez-support-tools with more system info collectors
  • [EZP-25579] - Implement View API in ez-support-tools
  • [EZP-25598] - eZSupportTools infocollector registry
  • [EZP-25602] - Reorganize subitem related code to allow multiple "views"
  • [EZP-25603] - Implement a basic grid view
  • [EZP-25607] - eZSupportTools infocollector naming fix
  • [EZP-25635] - Added rewrite rule for new seperate assets folder
  • [EZP-25653] - Use eZSupportTools in PlatformUI
  • [EZP-25704] - Fix usage of deprecated twig features


  • [EZP-25516] - Update REST spec with role draft features, fix inconsistencies
  • [EZP-25664] - Update User Manual for Platform to 16.04


  • [EZP-23445] - Take SYMFONY_ENV into account in asset dump composer scripts
  • [EZP-24648] - Selection & relation(list) fieldtypes not nameable
  • [EZP-25128] - Automatically navigate to 1st item of a zone
  • [EZP-25413] - Page FieldType Public API should save custom attributes and rotation
  • [EZP-25474] - LimitRequestBody value too low by default when vhost is generated from bash
  • [EZP-25610] - Publishing a role draft with REST should return HTTP 204
  • [EZP-25627] - Provide default layout template so we can show sf toolbar on dev
  • [EZP-25634] - Move applicable BehatBundle BrowserContext methods to PlatformUI Context


  • [EZP-25565] - Database system info collector

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