Release Notes - eZ Publish / Platform - Version 2015.11.1 - HTML format


  • [EZP-24040] - Date/Time attributes are not timezone friendly
  • [EZP-24829] - The "+" icon in a richtext fieldtype only appears partially when in "Focus" mode
  • [EZP-25041] - User and UserGroup do not implement getField method
  • [EZP-25124] - Incorrect installation instructions provided by composer create-project [v1.0.0-beta8]
  • [EZP-25140] - Add the possibility to override files when copying configuration files
  • [EZP-25157] - Wrong solr field used for location priority


  • [EZP-25133] - Allow to edit a draft version of a content
  • [EZP-25152] - Fields in main language always included on always available content


  • [EZP-24864] - Add breadcrumbs for each location in the Location tab
  • [EZP-25021] - Implement missing limitation mappers
  • [EZP-25108] - As an editor, I want to able to embed images in the RichText editor

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