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  • [EZP-23846] - XSLTProcessor::transformToXml(): ID eztoc_1_1 already defined
  • [EZP-23917] - PHP warning and notice in the server tab in the system info
  • [EZP-24421] - Switch to PSR-2 Coding standard for Platform repos
  • [EZP-24752] - Cancel buttons should be not trigger validation in PlatformUI



  • [EZP-23524] - As a Developer I need support for field filters affecting queries in Legacy Search Engine
  • [EZP-24232] - Implement missing Indexable services for field types with single-valued fields
  • [EZP-24253] - Implement framework for ContentType creation
  • [EZP-24303] - Refactor ContentType form management
  • [EZP-24304] - Provide a way to customize field definition form views
  • [EZP-24309] - Implement validation for ContentType forms
  • [EZP-24322] - Use template block fragments to render field definition forms
  • [EZP-24344] - Implement FieldDefinition form mapper for eztext
  • [EZP-24379] - Integrate ContentType edition with PlatformUI
  • [EZP-24380] - Move section form management from PlatformUI to RepositoryForms
  • [EZP-24381] - As a RepositoryForms user, I want to be able to publish a content type draft
  • [EZP-24382] - As a RepositoryForms user I want to delete a FieldDefinition from a ContentType
  • [EZP-24383] - Implement form action dispatcher
  • [EZP-24409] - Implement param converters for repository domain objects
  • [EZP-24439] - Implement ContentType view
  • [EZP-24440] - Filter FieldType selection in ContentType edition
  • [EZP-24450] - As an admin developer, I want to push notifications using a Pjax controller
  • [EZP-24452] - Add cancel button in ContentType edition form
  • [EZP-24457] - Change Request injection to RequestStack
  • [EZP-24458] - Refactor dynamic settings injection
  • [EZP-24459] - SiteAccess should not be a synchronized service any more
  • [EZP-24460] - Fix service factories deprecation warnings
  • [EZP-24461] - Fix SecurityContext deprecation warnings
  • [EZP-24475] - Move TwigLoaderString to LegacyBridge
  • [EZP-24476] - Refactor CSRF token generation in Security login form


  • [EZP-20347] - Implement an API to get the readable name of a field type from its identifier
  • [EZP-23405] - Remove unlimited search hits option
  • [EZP-24347] - Expose FieldType validation from API
  • [EZP-24433] - Solr search engine: support multicore and single core index


  • [EZP-24306] - Implement FieldDefinition form mapper for ezstring
  • [EZP-24357] - Add a "target" property to ValidationError
  • [EZP-24361] - Refactor content field templates rendering
  • [EZP-24401] - As an Editor I would like have a description of creating a content object in Platform UI
  • [EZP-24403] - As an Editor I would like have a description of editing a content object in Platform UI

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