Release Notes - eZ Publish / Platform - Version 5.4.0-rc1 - HTML format


  • [EZP-21813] - API Exception when having comment policy with limitation
  • [EZP-22553] - Copyright 2013 in some eZ Publish 5.3 alpha 1 components
  • [EZP-22839] - DemoBundle settings hardcoded to specific siteaccess names/group
  • [EZP-22982] - /content/treemenu throws PHP notices with nginx
  • [EZP-23387] - Move image variation config for ezdemo to DemoBundle
  • [EZP-23389] - ezcMailComposer bug when sending e-mails with long name and Norwegian characters
  • [EZP-23465] - Elasticsearch: refactor FieldMap implementation for caching and multiple fields support
  • [EZP-23506] - Cache problems on frontend using eZ Demo
  • [EZP-23511] - EZ Si Vhost issues on Apache 2.4
  • [EZP-23517] - Excluded uri prefixes result in redirect loop
  • [EZP-23532] - Languages lost from content when using packages
  • [EZP-23544] - UrlStorage::getFieldData logs an error if URL with an empty ID is not found
  • [EZP-23552] - Symfony cache won't be cleaned if Legacy ViewCaching is disabled
  • [EZP-23564] - ezinfo/about 5.4.0beta1-ttl not tagged correctly
  • [EZP-23568] - Not possible to view created article due fatal error
  • [EZP-23577] - Native DFS IO metadata handler not returning images correctly
  • [EZP-23578] - Fatal error in LocationService copy/move when content/read has limitations
  • [EZP-23579] - As a Sysadmin I want to have official Apache configuration bundled with the code
  • [EZP-23580] - FOSHttpCache always matches default site with urielement matcher
  • [EZP-23594] - It's not possible to use custom controllers for embed (inline) views in XmlText field type
  • [EZP-23595] - PDOException in UserService createUser(): Integrity constraint violation
  • [EZP-23599] - Legacy search location gateway is not correctly quoting depth column
  • [EZP-23600] - productimage image_variation injection missing reference and filters in admin interface
  • [EZP-23604] - Error installing package
  • [EZP-23606] - View parameter named "node" overrides $node variable in legacy template
  • [EZP-23607] - content versionview displays wrong published version in object information
  • [EZP-23622] - Link for "For more options try the advanced search" in DemoBundle loses words
  • [EZP-23627] - Priority of children lost during subtree copy
  • [EZP-23629] - Can't create new images after Liip Bundle added post_processor config
  • [EZP-23632] - Exception when running eZ Publish behind built in reverse proxy


  • [EZP-23640] - Update demo content for eZ Publish 5.4 release


  • [EZP-22276] - URI templates in Root resource should use query expansion format
  • [EZP-22735] - Make {{ path( 'ez_urlalias' ) }} polymorphic
  • [EZP-22858] - Display in HTML Comments name of the used template
  • [EZP-23593] - Sort class list alphabetically in advanced search (admin siteaccess)
  • [EZP-23630] - Add support for image alias post processors

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