Release Notes - eZ Publish / Platform - Version 3.9.3 - HTML format


  • [EZP-8427] - elementByAttributeValue destroys Children array, in eZDOMNode - patch included
  • [EZP-8482] - Session function is buggy
  • [EZP-10319] - Workflow crash with copied objects
  • [EZP-10508] - section-based override fails until object is first published
  • [EZP-10752] - Function 'tipafriend_top_list' always returns array filled with the same node.
  • [EZP-10775] - Removed container is not properly put in trash making it impossible to restore the original content structure
  • [EZP-10788] - PostgreSQL - sql error after setup wizard.
  • [EZP-10800] - At the delete of the related object the relation is not correctly deleted
  • [EZP-10820] - Refresh of Login site with SSO Handler does not work
  • [EZP-10821] - Wrong HTTP (RFC1123) dates in Expires, Last-Modified
  • [EZP-10824] - closing </a> too much
  • [EZP-10868] - ezcontentobjecttrashnode 'original_parent' property should return null if parent was moved or deleted
  • [EZP-10887] - Image get lost when created a second language
  • [EZP-10958] - Missing 'content/datatype/view/ezxmltags/quote.tpl' template causes warning.
  • [EZP-11013] - PDF-view needs to be made cluster-aware.
  • [EZP-11027] - Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in kernel/user/ezuserfunctioncollection.php on line 202
  • [EZP-11033] - Compare tpl operator doesn't work properly
  • [EZP-11038] - eZP might go into an infinite loop if MySQL closes it connections causing apache to segfault
  • [EZP-11046] - it is not possible to get relation list and table list using PostgreSQL db driver.
  • [EZP-11080] - eZ Publish Email Validation Excludes Google Mail Wildcards from Approved Email Validation Codes
  • [EZP-11087] - 'has_access_to' fetch function and role-policy caching problem
  • [EZP-11098] - content class import wizard does not show class name
  • [EZP-11131] - Image Shell Handler cannot convert PSD files
  • [EZP-11186] - Missbehaviour content package import.
  • [EZP-11203] - eztc.php doesn't compile siteaccess in extension


  • [EZP-10757] - Class for handling atomic writing of files
  • [EZP-10806] - template override conditions for tipafriend
  • [EZP-10813] - Patch to allow eZObjectRelationList in contentobject name
  • [EZP-11015] - template operator to check module(view) is enabled or not
  • [EZP-11016] - template operator to check module(view) is enabled or not
  • [EZP-11222] - Sql tweaks to reduce sql queries number per page.

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