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Component Lead Description
5.x > Legacy IO Issues with the legacy IO Handler in eZ\Publish\Core\IO\Legacy (pre eZ Publish 5.4)
Beginner Tutorial The first experience for new developers to eZ Platform
BikeRide > Cert David Christian Liedle (Inactive) Certification Course
BikeRide > DevTrain Lars Eirik Rønning Developer Training
BikeRide > Tutorial Sarah Haïm-Lubczanski (Inactive) Documentation Tutorial: Beginner-to-Ninja
CI System
Composer Update/Package system used in 5.x
Composer & updates.ez.no Updates server for composer updates
Content (images, XML, PDF, RSS, etc.)
Content > PreView
Database related
DemoBundle The 5.x demo bundle obsoleting ezdemo extension
Deployment > Docker Containers Docker containers and scripts around that
Design (templates, CSS, etc.)
Documentation This issue regarding documentation
eZ Commerce
eZ Platform Cloud
Field types Issues related to field types
GIT Github or DCVS issues
Install Setup wizard or installation steps
Internationalization > in-context
Landing Page Manager
Legacy > Administration Interface
Legacy > Clustering
Legacy > Deprecated extensions
Legacy > Extensions
Legacy > Extensions > eZ Comments
Legacy > Extensions > eZ Content Staging
Legacy > Extensions > eZ Demo The legacy ezdemo extensions that obsoletes ezwebin
Legacy > Extensions > eZ Find
Legacy > Extensions > eZ Flow
Legacy > Extensions > eZ Form Token
Legacy > Extensions > eZ Google Maps Location
Legacy > Extensions > eZ Image Editor
Legacy > Extensions > eZ JSCore
Legacy > Extensions > eZ MB Password Expiry
Legacy > Extensions > eZ MultiUpload
Legacy > Extensions > eZ Network
Legacy > Extensions > eZ Online Editor
Legacy > Extensions > eZ Open Document Format (ODF)
Legacy > Extensions > eZ Oracle Database
Legacy > Extensions > eZ Recommendation eZ Recommendation issues
Legacy > Extensions > eZ Star Rating
Legacy > Extensions > eZ Survey
Legacy > Extensions > eZ Website Interface
Legacy > Extensions > eZ Website Toolbar
Legacy > Extensions > eZ XML export
Legacy > Packages
Legacy > REST interface REST API v1, the read only REST API which is part of legacy
Legacy > Template language
Legacy > WebDAV
Legacy > Webshop
Legacy > Workflows
Legacy bridge http://github.com/ezsystems/legacy-bridge
Legacy stack
Multi Site
Online Editor & Rich Text field type
Permissions Issues related to roles, policies, authorization and authentication.
Platform > API interfaces Issues related to the public facing API interfaces in eZ\Publish\API
Platform > Configuration
Platform > Content on the fly
Platform > Demo (new)
Platform > Design engine
Platform > Form management
Platform > GraphQL
Platform > HTTPCache
Platform > Hybrid UI eZ Platform's Hybrid UI
Platform > IO IO System currently abstracting FlySystem (as of 5.4+)
Platform > Multi-upload Piotr Nalepa
Platform > MVC
Platform > Persistence > Cache
Platform > Persistence > Legacy Storage engine Issues with the legacy Persistence Storage Engine in eZ\Publish\Core\Persistence\Legacy
Platform > Profiler > API
Platform > Profiler > Full stack
Platform > Repository & Services (Public API impl) Issues related to business logic in eZ\Publish\Core\Repository
Platform > Repository Forms
Platform > REST API v2 Issues regarding REST API v2 specification or implementation in eZ\Publish\Core\REST
Platform > REST Client:JS
Platform > REST Client:PHP
Platform > Search > Elastic Search Engine
Platform > Search > Legacy Search Engine
Platform > Search > Solr Search Engine Issues with the Solr Persistence Search handler in eZ\Publish\Core\Persistence\Solr
Platform > SPI interfaces Issues related to the Service Provider Interfaces (SPI) in eZ\Publish\SPI
Platform > UI > UDW
Platform stack The Symfony stack handling routing, controllers and view
Platform UI (Admin UI & Content UI) Damien Pobel (Inactive) Backend UI for content management and administration
Platform.sh David Christian Liedle (Inactive) Partner/Developer Enablement
System Info
Test framework Covers adding or improving unit/integration/acceptance tests
Users and Access control