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As a Editor/Admin/User I'd like to see info about eZ install, incl version number



      As a Editor/Admin/Owner I'd like to know:

      • What software I'm running: eZ Platform,. eZ Platform Enterprise, eZ Commerce
      • What Version I'm on, e.g "2.4"
      • If I'm on a trail, and if it has expired
      • If EOM or EOL has been reached on my version
      • If I'm running in dev mode

      This is a fist step towards later expanding to give Enterprise site owners / admins a plethora of recommendations when something is either wrong, or could be improved.

      This feature will be made part of ez-support-tools, and will be made available for all 2.x installs so they become aware of release they are on is end of life and so on.

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