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Validation error messages not visible when trying to publish content



      As today, when trying to publish a content item with a field not validating, below the fold line, the user see no error message and has no information what so ever and just can't get through publishing.
      This is not a bug from the sense of an error in the execution of the code, but it is clearly a bug from a user perspective (which is the perspective that really matter): it prevent the user from doing what he is trying to do, creating frustration and poor user experience.

      Previously, https://jira.ez.no/browse/EZP-29088 was a suggestion for improvements on how to best tackle this issue with a good animation. Great if we can implement this.
      However, at the very least, we need to give the issue a quick fix, without animation or naming of the field or link to the field but simply by having a mention on top of the page that there is an error, as shown attached:

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