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Images embedded in RichText editor dissapear after undo


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      Customer encountered problems with RichText editor. After undoing some changes (using Ctrl+Z / Cmd+Z) all the images which were embedded using UDW disappear.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create new content which contains RichText field, e.g. Article.
      2. Type some text.
      3. Attach an image using embed or image widget.
      4. Hit "undo" keys combination: Ctrl+Z / Cmd+Z.

      A small rectangle is shown instead of an image (see attachment).

      Note 1:
      This issue applies only to content which was embedded using UDW (either existing one from the library, or a new one which was uploaded using "Create" tab). Problem doesn't show up when attaching image via drag&drop.

      Note 2:
      In v2 behaviour is a bit odd: images disappear, the small rectangle shows up but immediately after that images appear once again.

      Note 3:
      After publishing the article, images are renderred correctly.

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