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RichText Field Type removes line breaks inside table cells




      In RichText Editor, you can create line breaks (inside a paragraph) by pressing Shift + Enter.
      If you create a table using the rich text field type and type some text in a table cell then add a line break and then add some more text after saving the line break is removed.
      If you add a new paragraph in the table cell by pressing Enter then delete the second line with Backspace and then you do the text + line break + text as I've written in the previous line the line break is kept.

      It seems like that line breaks are kept only if they are inside a paragraph (p tag) in a table cell.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create a table in a rich text field.
      2. Click in a table cell
      3. Type "first line", press Shift+Enter, type "second line"
      4. Publish the content
      5. View / edit the content, no br tag between "first line" and "second line"

      Extra info:
      1. The "Steps to reproduce" create a markup like this in the editor (step 1-3):

      <td id="yui_3_18_1_1_1520515355833_79125">
      first line
      second line

      2. If you click in an empty cell, press Enter to add new paragraph, then Backspace to delete the second paragraph then you do step 3 it creates a markup in the editor like this:

      <td id="yui_3_18_1_1_1520515355833_79227">
      first line
      second line

      This way the line break (br) is kept.

      Expected: br should be a valid element inside table cell without being inside paragraph tag.


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