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As a developer I want to define the SiteAccess name


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      In order to simplify the interface and create a better editorial experience, we would like to "hide" the SiteAccess code. This value does not make sense for the end user. It will be better to display the name of the website (human readable).
      Interfaces where this can apply:

      • Page builder (SiteAccess switcher in the top navigation)
      • Content Preview (SiteAccess switcher in the dropdown menu)
      • Page creation modal window (when coming from Content Structure)


      It was decided that we would keep using the translation system, as was done for field definition groups and custom tags.
      The domain is called `ezplatform_siteaccess`, and the siteaccess name is used as the key.

      In app/Resources/translations/ezplatform_siteaccess.yml:

      fr: Tatestfull Planet France
      en: Tastefull Planet

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