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As a developer, I want to define human readable, translatable strings for a custom tag



      In the current iteration, custom tags are only given an identifier. Based on the specifications, we require for each custom tag:

      • a human readable name ("Quote")
      • a help text ("Add your quote")
      • a human readable name per attribute ("Quote's author")

      In addition, those elements must be translatable.

      Possible technical approach

      Field groups names use the translation system to provide human readable strings. We could easily do the same here. Each of the items given above would be outputted using the translation functions, using the custom tag's identifier as a key/prefix:

      - custom_tag_quote: Quote
      - custom_tag_quote_help_text: Add your quote
      - custom_tag_quote_attribute_author: Author

      An extractor should be provided that looks for custom tags, and pregenerates the translation keys (example of an extractor). A default translation for the name should be generated based on the custom tag's key. Considering that eZ Systems custom tags would be prefixed with ez, like ezyoutube, we would strip down the ez prefix, replace _ with spaces, and capitalize the first letter.


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