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After 5th content update, external URL is missing



      The customer experienced odd behavior using the command to update the XML block field in the content. The XML block field contains an URL. During the update, the command changes one part of the URL (see steps to reproduce). After 5th update, the URL is invalid (it is not listed in Setup -> Link management)

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create new content of type which contains XML block field, for e.g. Article, with some random content.
      2. Run the provided command.
      3. Check the content, you will see empty href parameter.

      Additional information
      After the first five iterations, the URL is correct. Moreover, you can see it in the Setup -> Link management. ezcontentobject_attribute.data_text contain valid data with correct URL id. After the sixth iteration, in ezcontentobject_attribute.data_text you can see incorrect (non-existing) URL id. Therefore, the editor can not generate proper URL because it is not defined. ezurl contains URLs from the first 5 iterations, but the 6th is missing.

      The customer suggested setting


      in content.ini, but increasing/decreasing this value doesn't impact on this issue.


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