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As a Developer I want API to allow removal of the translation from all content object versions



      We need to design 1. PHP and 2. REST API changes to allow deleting content object translation without deleting the whole object. And describe the behavior as proposed in the epic.

      Open question is what customers need here.

      What has been reported that they need is:

      • Deleting a translation from all versions of a content (including published version, drafts and archives)
        • This is somewhat in contrast to how versions are treated today in the system, with exception of drafts the system normally don't allow editing/changing versions

      What would make more technically sense:

      • Deleting a translation from a version and return a draft (UI code can handle directly publishing if needed, it can also offer user to delete all prior versions with given language if user really want to wipe out history)

      In both cases should probably throw if user tries to delete last remaining translation, for that content/version deletion is more suitable

      Any input on this is welcome.

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          Andrzej Longosz logged work - 21/Jun/17 7:00 PM
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            1 hour

            Started implementation

          Andrzej Longosz logged work - 22/Jun/17 7:00 PM
          • Time Spent:
            6 hours

            Impl. tests and skeleton

          Andrzej Longosz logged work - 23/Jun/17 6:37 PM
          • Time Spent:
            2 hours

            Impl. gateway

          Andrzej Longosz logged work - 26/Jun/17 6:42 PM
          • Time Spent:
            6 hours

            Finished implementation

          Andrzej Longosz logged work - 07/Jul/17 6:51 PM
          • Time Spent:
            6 hours

            improving implementation after review


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