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RemoveField should not result in fatal errors due to problems with the ezcontentobject_attribute table rows


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    • Affects Version/s: 5.4.8
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      Let's say that, for some reason, we have data for a specific archived content object version in the ezcontentobject_version table but we do not have any data for that content object version in the ezcontentobject_attribute. Among other hyphotesis, I believe it's possible that this happens if there are problems with MySQL cluster synchronization.

      Now we must perform a change in our content types and remove some content attributes. When RemoveField will try to map the attributes for that specific version – since the attributes do not exist – it will result in a fatal error.


      public function apply($contentId)
        foreach ($versionNumbers as $versionNo) {
          $contentRows = $this->contentGateway->load($contentId, $versionNo);
          $contentList = $this->contentMapper->extractContentFromRows($contentRows, $nameRows);
          //Here is the fatal error, since there is no $contentList
          $content = $contentList[0];

      If this happens, RemoveField should not return errors. Instead, it should check if contentList is_set and, if not, ignore that version with just a warn.


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