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URL aliases across siteaccesses in multisite configuration


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    • Affects Version/s: 5.4.8, 1.5.1
    • Fix Version/s: Customer request
    • Component/s: Multi Site
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      Use case:

      • Website A (example1.com) has an article (say, "Article 1") with an URL alias called "myarticle";
      • So, the URL example1.com/myarticle will forward you to "Article 1" with URL example1.com/Site-1/Article-1;
      • There is also another website (i.e. another siteaccess) in the same system - example2.com;
      • example2.com, in turn, also has another article ("Article 2"), also with the same URL alias as "Article 1", "myarticle";
      • The content structure should look like this:

      	Site 1 (folder)
      		Article 1 (article, node_id: 122, URL alias "/myarticle")
      	Site 2 (folder)
      		Article 2 (article, node_id: 123, URL alias "/myarticle")

      • Now "Article 1" is moved from the "Site 1" folder to "Site 2", effectively being moved from example1.com to example2.com;
      • As it is now, if you point the browser to example2.com/myarticle, you will be redirected to example2.com/Site-2/Article-2, which is correct;
      • However, the example1.com/myarticle no longer works, and a "Module not found" message will be displayed.

      It would be useful/advantageous to have the example1.com/myarticle URL alias still reachable, and forward users to example2.com/Site-2/Article-2.


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