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Docker-Tools / deployment M2



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      Docker-Tools / deployment M2


      With eZ Launchpad covering end developer use cases, bundled docker tools/blueprints can rather focus on some more specific use cases:

      Use cases where possibility to easily spin up instance with different versions* of the software stacks we support:

      • CI automation [already the case]
      • QA usage [partly the case, not actively used yet]
      • Support usage [partly the case, not actively used yet]
      • Demo server usage (also to use this for dev-demo)

      And potentially try to align with needs for:

      • Reusability for eZ Launchpad

      * Since M1 of this epic several features have been added, so we have everything we need to run cluster setup now:

      • MariaDB/MySql [supported] / Postgres [skipped for now]
      • Nginx [supported]
      • PHP 5.5 - 7.1 [supported]
      • Solr [supported, but limited to version 6+]
      • Varnish [supported, but limited to version 5.1+]
      • Redis [supported] / Memcached [skipped for now]
      • NFS / S3 [missing in default config, only need to be able to inject params]


      • Cleanup current setup and get it updated to Docker 17.06 so we can gradually start to take advantage of it's features (multistage build, :cached, healthcheck ...) => AR => DONE
      • Add possibility to inject IO (NFS/S3) config to be able to setup complete cluster => AR
      • Add deployable production like setup suitable for use on Docker Swarm / eZ Sales Demo / Dev Demo => VL
      • Setup image building on tags from Github > Travis > Docker hub for demo images (EE demo should be private image, so can be pushed to AWS registry if that makes more sense) => VL
      • Adapt demo systems to use this => VL
      • Adapt nightly build of dev demo to use this, consider placing it on demo cloud => VL

      Possible follow up:

      • QA/Support automated test platform to reuse this to run all sorts of automated tests across all supported software combinations on each release (beta, RC, stable)


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