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Cannot retrieve content subtree elements after restoring its root from trash



      1. Go to platformui admin interface, to "Content -> Content Structure" and under "eZ Platform" content create the following content structure:

      eZ platform
      -- Parent
      ---- Child
      ------ Grandchild

      2. Enter "Parent" and sent it to Trash. Parent, Child and Grandchild will have all been sent to Trash by aggregation;

      3. Access "Trash". You should see the following structure or trashed items:

      Name          	|	Type	|	Original Location
      Child			|	Folder	|	Item's ancestors are in Trash
      Grandchild	|	Folder	|	Item's ancestors are in Trash
      Parent			|	Folder	|	eZ Platform 

      4. Check the checkbox for "Parent" and click on the rightside "Menu" option "Restore Selected". It will restore "Parent" from Trash but onto a new location.
      This makes it impossible as of currently to restore a subtree from Trash.

      The idea of this improvement / idea would be that now the direct descendants should be also retrievable onto their original location(s) (under "Parent" which has now been restored). However, when "Parent" is restored it appears to be restore onto a different location than it was in previously, making it impossible to restore its sub-items, and consecutively, any content subtree in thoroughly. There is no reference as far as I know to the content's previous location but even if there were, it appears it wouldn't do any good since the restored items' locations change upon restoration.

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