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Testing infrastructure update (CI)



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      Testing infra


      Currently all teams are affected by issues with Travis and Jenkins, and have been for along time, countless hours are spent waiting for Travis, or identifying if it really fails or not.

      So given Travis Pro costs around $250 a month, and we need to pick something working for public and private projects, that gives us a baseline cost to work with.
      This task is about looking into alternatives which can provide more stable and faster operation than Travis, without to much maintenance:

      First up is Jenkins 2 Pipeline feature, which allows to define tests in a Jenkins file, like we have become used to with .travis.yml

      • Suggestion is clean Jenkins install, the old one is full of cruft, and as we slowly move away from it we can scale it down.
      • Besides testing it, we will need to identify how we can scale it up with AWS with IT
      • We'll also need to make it semi public, aka no vpn, so tests results can be seen by community
      • Bonus: connect performance testing server with this server, so Jenkins can be setup to trigger performance test runs

      Note: Either way this should be using our Docker Containers, so running tests locally is simple as well, whenever we need to debug why something fails.


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