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Embed element in RichText not shown on frontend when viewing content



      Steps to reproduce:

      Quite similarly to EZP-25000:

      1. Go to PlatformUI;
      2. Create some image content, and publish it;
      3. Create a content type having a RichText field;
      4. Back to "Content Structure", create a content of the content type you just created with Rich Text field;
      5. Add the previously created image content to the Rich Text field, using the <image> embed option;
      6. Publish the content;
      7. Try to access the content via the frontend to visualize it. The Rich Text field will appear empty, and if you inspect with firebug, it doesn't even have the xml code in there.

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          Link This issue relates to EZS-742 [ EZS-742 ]
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          Link This issue relates to EZS-782 [ EZS-782 ]
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          Duplicate of EZP-25875

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