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Search results persist after rerunning UDW search method



      It is follow up issue for https://jira.ez.no/browse/EZP-25033
      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Go to any content with PlatformUI
      2. Click "Copy" from action bar
      3. UDW shows up, switch to the "Search" tab
      4. Insert search text that have many results so results will be paginated (for example "a" - it should provide more results than limit of the search)
      5. Go to last page with pagination (or another one, just be sure that you are on different page than 1st one)
      6. Close UDW with "Cancel" button
      7. Click again "Copy" button from action bar and switch to the "Search" tab in UDW
      8. You will see that result list contains results from previous search while it should be empty (as search text is not provided)

      The reason of that is probably that location search is trigerred on both `offsetChange` and `searchTextChange` events so it is called twice while `offset` and `searchText` attributes are being reset. Both attribute should be reset when UDW is being closed.

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