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legacy admin: autosave will delete information about relations if AdvancedObjectRelationList = enabled



      When "AdvancedObjectRelationList" and the autosave feature are enabled, editing a related target object directly will remove the relation information from the source object's full view.


      - create an object X with a relations attribute, fill the relation with 1 target object, Y, and publish.
      - open the object X in the backend, the Relations tab should have 1 relation
      (use a second tab to make navigation easier. using 2 tabs has no effect on the issue at all)
      - In a new tab, edit the object X. Within the object relations field, edit the related object Y. trigger eZ Autosave to fire.
      - back In the first tab, clear caches using the right toolbar. Notice how object X no longer has any relation in the Relations tab.
      - In the second tab, discard the draft, close the tab
      - in first (and now only) tab, reload the full view of object X. the relation to Y does not show anymore.
      as secondary tests:
      - open X for edit. check that Y is still in the relations list
      - open X in a front end. check that Y shows as a related object. 

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