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Overriding template with section_identifier fails when cached



      If a template is declared to override using the match by section_identifier, and the view cache is enabled, the cached versions will fall back to default templates and ignore the overrides.

      test case:
      1 - setting up the environment

      • enable debug and list templates options in admin
      • create a section called "test" (name and identifier)
      • create a folder X, set the section to "test"
      • assign anonymous user permissions to read section "test"
      • open X in frontend
      • check the full path of the "pagelayout.tpl" used, to override it. it will depend on the extension used to generate the frontend (ezflow, ezdemo, etc)

      2 - making the override

      • edit the "pagelayout.tpl" file with some change, save it at the path <extension>/overrides/templates/modified_pagelayout.tpl
      • add to the default frontend siteaccess settings/override.ini.append.php:


      • clear all caches
      • open X in frontend. the modified_pagelayout.tpl is used, at bottom of debug it can be checked the correct usage.
      • reload the page, view falls back to default template. the debug at bottom shows that none of the templates are overriden.


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