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      Policy/Roles management M1


      Admin UI to manage permissions (Roles and Policies / Limitations).

      In scope: EZP-24905, EZP-25159, EZP-24830
      Nice to have: We could enhance role limitations to show human readable text and links as this is limited to Section and Subtree limitations.

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            Transition Time In Source Status Execution Times Last Executer Last Execution Date
            Specification Specification Accepted Scheduled Accepted Scheduled
            75d 44m 1 André Rømcke 01/Jul/15 4:46 PM
            Accepted Scheduled Accepted Scheduled Specification Specification
            2m 55s 1 André Rømcke 01/Jul/15 4:49 PM
            Specification Specification Open Open
            15d 23h 16m 1 André Rømcke 17/Jul/15 4:05 PM
            Open Open Development Development
            18d 38m 1 André Rømcke 04/Aug/15 4:43 PM
            Development Development Open Open
            68d 3h 36m 1 11/Oct/15 8:19 PM
            Open Open Specification Specification
            51d 19h 26m 2 11/Oct/15 8:19 PM
            Specification Specification Deploy Deploy
            0s 1 11/Oct/15 8:19 PM
            Deploy Deploy Development Development
            1s 1 11/Oct/15 8:19 PM
            Development Development QA QA
            0s 1 11/Oct/15 8:19 PM
            QA QA Documentation Documentation
            0s 1 11/Oct/15 8:19 PM
            Documentation Documentation Accepted Scheduled Accepted Scheduled
            1s 1 11/Oct/15 8:19 PM
            Accepted Scheduled Accepted Scheduled Research Research
            0s 1 11/Oct/15 8:19 PM
            Research Research Development Development
            35d 14h 47m 1 André Rømcke 16/Nov/15 10:07 AM
            Documentation Documentation Development Development
            1d 21h 24m 1 André Rømcke 07/Jan/16 2:42 PM
            Development Development Documentation Documentation
            147d 8h 22m 2 Roland Benedetti 13/Apr/16 4:54 PM
            Documentation Documentation Closed Closed
            11d 15h 59m 1 Dominika Kurek 25/Apr/16 8:53 AM


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